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Pureit Classic: Pureit is an easy, practical and affordable way to get safe drinking water.

  • Meets stringent international criteria of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), USA, for harmful virus & bacteria removal.
  • It does not require a tap connection.Really simple to use. Just pour in regular water & Pureit will do the rest.
  • The top chamber of Pureit has a capacity of 9 liters and the transparent chamber has capacity of 9 liters. Hence one can manage the daily water needs by filling up
  • Pureit Classic once a day (in some cases, on some days it may require filling two times) and enjoy getting water with “Complete Germ Protection” at all times.

Pureit works with a break-through ‘Germkill Technology’. It has an advanced multi-stage purification which gives you water that’s completely free from harmful germs.