Midea is the biggest air conditioning manufacturer in the world, with sales of over 20 million units last year, in over 150 countries. Midea not only sells under its own name but also manufactures for many of the world’s biggest brands. So when you choose Midea, you can be absolutely confident you’re choosing the most up to date and reliable technology available.

Midea’s range of DC Inverter split ducted systems offer real savings in energy consumption and provide reliable, even room temperature with quiet operation.
DC motor cuts surplus electricity usage.

A Midea Ducted Inverter System puts total climate control right at your fingertips. And when you’ve worked hard making your workplace/home as attractive and comfortable as possible, it’s the perfect solution in every respect. Multi-room, year-round comfort is delivered through discretely designed and positioned air
vents supplied by your specialist air conditioning dealer. Your dealer will also
design all the ductwork in your ceiling to provide the best mix of air distribution and quietness. And your Midea outdoor unit gives you all of the benefits of an inverter unit, delivering the precise amount of cooling or heating required to maintain your living space just the way you like it.

Cassette systems are another efficient alternative for homes, shops and offices using stylish ceiling mounted panels to distribute heating or cooling evenly over
larger spaces