V5 X SERIES VRF offers a large capacity from 8HP up to 88HP in 2HP increments by combining 4 outdoor units. It also incorporates a range of outstanding features, wide-range outdoor and indoor units, high external static pressure, and energy saving technologies. It supports an incredible piping length of 1,000m and a level difference of 110m, making it perfect for large high-rise buildings.


High EER and COP values

V5 X Series achieves the industry’s top class energy efficiency of cooling and heating by utilizing DC compressor
control, DC Fan motor, and improved performance heat exchanger.

Large capacity for big sized building

The outdoor units capacity range from 8HP up to 88HP in 2HP increment, max. combination of 4 basic models.

Long piping length

High external static pressure

The high-static pressure propeller and optimized fan guard can adapt
to various installation environments.
Midea now offers up to 40Pa(0.16”W.G.)* external static pressure units
for customized applications. A standard 0-20Pa(0-0.08”W.G.) function is
equipped by default.
*You need to consult Midea if you require over 40Pa(0.16”W.G.).

Wide operation range

Duty cycling

In one combination, any outdoor unit can run as the master outdoor unit to equalize the service life of all units.

Back-up function

In a multiple system, when the master unit failed, any single unit can be set as the master unit,then the
remaining units can keep on working. This can be set on PCB by DIP switches at site.

Quick warm-up and cool-down design

By utilizing the benefits of all DC inverter compressors, the
system can reach full load quickly and shorten the warm-up
and cool-down times to provide an immediate and comfortable
air solution. Less temperature fluctuation will create a
better living environment.

Intelligent defrosting technology

Intelligent defrosting program will judge the defrosting
time according to the system real requirement, reduce
the heating loss by unnecessary defrosting and make
the indoor side more comfortable.

Outdoor unit night silent mode

Midea’s Night Silent Mode feature which is easily set on the PCB board allows the unit to be set to varies
time options during Non-peak and Peak operation time optimizing the units noise output. Extra silent
operation mode can reduce sound level further, minimum 43dB (A).
Night silent operation will be activated X hours after the peak temperature during daytime, and it will go
back to normal operation after Y hours.