Features :

• Suitable for individual mounting, inner mounting holes and mounting brackets provided in enclosures.

• Sheet steel enclosure duly phosphatised and powder painted for longer life.

• Provision for door interlocking.

• Termination suitable for Aluminum cables, adequate knockouts provided in the enclosure for cable entry.


Conforms to IEC:60947-1&3 / IS:13947-1&3

Range :

Onload Changeover Switch – AC 23 (side handle)

• 32A, 240V in Double Pole version

• 32A-100A, 415V in Three Pole version

• 16A-100A, 415V in Four Pole version

Offload Changeover Switch – AC 21 (side handle)

• 200A-2000A, 415V in Four Pole version