Crabtree introduces the new XPRO range of MCBs rating from 0.5 A to 125 A. The range offers a variety of feature benefits such as Uniform Breaking Capacity of 10kA across entire range in accordance with IS/IEC 60898-1 & IS/IEC 60947-2, it also incorporates features like Inscription Window, Safety Terminal, Large Cable terminals, Bi stable Clip, Positive Contact Indication, Field fittable Auxiliary Contacts & Air Circulation (When two poles are placed adjacent to each other the channels between two poles form a tunnel resulting in very effective air circulation around individual poles).

0.5A to 63A – ‘C’ Curve
0.5A to 63A – ‘D’ Curve

Single Pole (SP/ 1P), Single Pole & Neutral (SPN/ 1P+N) Double Pole (DP/ 2P)
Three Pole (TP/ 3P) Three Pole & Neutral (TPN/ 3P+N), Four Pole (FP/ 4P)

IS/IEC 60898 – 1

•  Inscription Window-For Identification of Circuit
•  Safety Terminal-To Ease Wiring and Ensure Correct Termination
•  Positive Contact Indication
•  Bistable Clip-Easy DIN Rail extraction from Busbar System
•  Dual Termination-Provision of bus bar as well as cable termination
•  Silver Graphite Contacts-Self cleaning and wiping action
•  Uniform 10kA breaking capacity for the entire range
•  Low power consumption, thus cost effective & energy saving
•  Trip free mechanism

Field fit able auxiliary contact, Shunt trip