Electrical Busbar

Havells “Busbar Chamber System” is designed for safe, reliable & economical distribution of power to various loads as per the requirements of the system. The modular construction of the bus bar chamber provides for compact & easy add-on modules on the basic unit for system expansion (if the need be). These can be wall mounted and can also be made suitable for floor mounting by using optional pedestal set.

Range :
The busbar chambers are available for 100A/200A, 250A/315A/400A & 630A/800A current ratings with short circuit withstand capacity of 25kA, 35kA & 50kA respectively. These are offered in 4 way, 6way & 8 way in Four Pole configuration.

Specification :
Fully application oriented as per
IS:8623/IEC 60439 (Panel sub assemblies)
IS: 2147/IEC60529 (Degree for protection)

•    Readymade & customised solution for safe power distridution
•    Modular/compact design provides economy of space and cost
•    Simple and efficient system configuration
•    Easy, flexible and time saving installation
•    Shock proof design
•    Elegant & sleek in appearance

Application :
The busbar chambers find wide application in power distribution in areas namely :
•    Construction site
•    Shop floor
•    Multi-storeyed complexes
•    Building installation etc.