grandtrek at20

The Grandtrek AT20 is Dunlop’s Highway All-Season light truck tire that was developed for the drivers of pickups and sport utility vehicles. The Grandtrek AT20 was designed to deliver low noise, a comfortable ride, and year-round traction, even in light snow.

The numerous Grandtrek AT20 sizes developed for the aftermarket are branded with UTQG Ratings of 500 A B and have been designed to provide a balance of traits appropriate for today’s lavish pickups and luxury sport utility vehicles, while the few Original Equipment Grandtrek AT20 tires developed several years ago are branded with UTQG Ratings of 300 B B and appear to place emphasis on low rolling resistance to increase the vehicle’s fuel economy above poor weather traction and treadwear.

On the outside, the aftermarket tires feature Dunlop’s advanced all-season compound molded into a tread design that combines independent intermediate and shoulder blocks with a continuous center rib to enhance dry traction and treadwear. Then crosscut sipes, wide circumferential grooves and deep lateral grooves provide the biting edges needed to enhance poor weather traction. On the inside, twin steel belts stabilize the tread while a Dimensionally Stable Polyester cord body and bead design promote ride comfort, handling and treadwear.

ll Other Sizes for this Tire
Max. Inflation Pressure Tread Depth Tire Weight Rim Width Range Meas. Rim Width Sect. Width Tread Width Overall Diam. Revs. Per Mile Country of
97S SL
300 B B 1,620 lbs. 51 psi 11/32″ 23 lbs. 5.5-7″ 6.5″ 8.7″ NA 26.9″ 774 US
109S SL
300 B B 2,271 lbs. 51 psi 12/32″ 32 lbs. 6.5-8″ 7″ 9.8″ 7.2″ 30.5″ 683 US
110S SL
300 B B 2,337 lbs. 51 psi 11/32″ 36 lbs. 7-9.5″ 8″ 10.7″ 8″ 30.6″ 681 US
113S SL
300 B B 2,535 lbs. 51 psi 11/32″ 39 lbs. 7-9″ 7.5″ 10.6″ 8″ 31.7″ 657 JP
99H SL
300 B A 1,709 lbs. 51 psi 10/32″ 28 lbs. 6-8″ 6.5″ 9″ 28.6″ 731 JP
99H SL
300 B A 1,709 lbs. 51 psi 10/32″ 28 lbs. 6-8″ 6.5″ 9″ 6.5″ 28.6″ 731 JP,US

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