Sukam 1400VA/24V Pure Sinewave Home UPS

Key Features
  • High end DSP based design
  • Light weight and compact in design resulting in space saving
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Battery deep discharge protection
  • Charger capable of charging deep discharged batteries
  • Charger is supported with spike busters and line filters eliminating every possible harmonic distortions
  • CCCV based charger to reduce water topping frequency
  • Better overload handling capacity as compared to ordinary inverter
  • Noiseless in operation
  • User friendly display and operation
  • High surges capability
  • Runs heavy loads
  • Battery pole reversal protection
  • Estimated Load Capacity:1 Computer,1 21 to 29 Inch T.V,3 Fans,4 Lighting Points,1 VCD,1 DSTV Decoder,1 Sound System
  • Battery: 200AH nominal cap @ 20hr
  • 12V nominal voltage
  • Does not much emit corrosive acidic fumes so its safe to install doors
  • No leakage, seepage or spillage of electrolytes
  • Life of the battery is between 3-5 years depending upon the usage
Power supply 220-240V~50Hz,1Ph
Cooling capacity 3.51 kW
Heating capacity 3.81 kW
Airflow 700 m3/h
Sound power 40 (dB(A))
Net dimension (width x height x depth) 845 x 286 x 165 mm
Liquid pipe 6.35 mm
Gas pipe 12.7 mm
Applicable area 20 – 30 m²
Net weight 10.5 kg