Big Tubular-Red Warrior-Left-GBD-2000

Sukam Big Warrior Tubular 150 AH Inverter Battery comes with a deep discharge Technology which reduce the electricity consumption and enhances the life of the Battery. Tubular Technology Battery that gives enhanced back up & enhanced battery life. Is suitable for the area which has a power cut of 8 to 10 hours a day. It cuts off automatically on discharging on a specific level to save it to get deep discharged. Comes with ceramic water levellers to give you a exact idea of the water in the battery

Product Specs:
Name SuKam Big Warrior 150AH Inverter Battery
Brand SU-KAM
Brand Category Inverter
Type 150AH
SKU SBW 1500
Warranty 36 Month + 12 Month (Pro-Rated)
Approx Dry Weight 35.00 kg
Dimensoins 503.00 mm x 193.00 mm x 412.00 mm